A bimonthly yuri anthology/magazine. (Only oneshots with no page of their own listed) Volume 1: ? Love Fool, by Hattori Mitsuru An extremely short one-shot about two girls playing around in the water. ? Camel, by Miyauchi Yuuka About addiction. ? A Passing Story, by Ohtomo Megane A school doctor recounts a romance from her own school days Volume 2: ? Heart Ablaze, by Miyauchi Yuuka Its about the pain and conflicting emotions of unrequited love Volume 3: ? Unbalance, by Kigi Tatsumi Set in the same school as “Runner’s High“ from Tsubomi volume 1. It focuses on the interaction between the track team captain and the student council. Volume 4: ? Michi, by Yoshida Mikiko About a girl who’s worried that her girlfriend doesn’t trust her. ? Triangle of Love, by Ogawa Kidari Volume 5: ? Roche Limit, by Sekiya Asami Volume 6: ? Scissors and Fingers, by Inugami Sukune A girl tells a hairdresser about the feelings she has for a certain someone. ? Massaging the Woman I Admire, by Amano Shiro Its about women who work in a salon. A trainee has to massage a senior employee as part of her work evaluation, so she picks the one she has a crush on. Volume 8: ? God and the Rainbringer, by Yoshida Chiyu About a person that believes she can produce rain, a “Rain Woman“. Volume 9: ? Under, by Kazuto Izumi Volume 11: ? Cotton Candy Love, by Tendou Kirin A woman steps in when she sees a girl being bullied. Volume 12: ? My Beloved Kawano-san, by Acutta Fumie About a woman who’s in love with a co-worker. ? The Ocean Meets the Sky, by Koume Keito Volume 13: ? Monologue Love, by Shimano Yae A girl is insecure about her relationship. Volume 14: * First Love, by Suga Atsushi A girl in the calligraphy club received a love letter. * Another Kiss, by Yurihara Aki April is a vampire and she’s currently freeloading at Hikari’s home. Volume 16: * Aoi Honoo Kaoru Tsuchi, by Naruko Hanaharu A girl joins the pottery club to find out who made a vase she saw.