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Motoki Monma

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  • Kattobi Itto

    Kattobi Itto

    Total chaps: 24

    Author: Motoki Monma

    Latest chap: Chap 4.2

    Last update: a year ago

    Itto and Yara are childhood rivals. Itto is small and quarrelsome while Yara is big and vindictive. Itto has been...

  • Buttobi Itto

    Buttobi Itto

    Total chaps: 2

    Author: Motoki Monma

    Latest chap: Vol 1 Chap 2 : Talent Shine

    Last update: 9 months ago

    Kattori Itto is deliquant student, after learning Kungfu in HongKong, he joined the Soccer Club Seiga. With Kazuma as...

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