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Morino Mei

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  • Ohayou, Ibarahime

    Ohayou, Ibarahime

    Total chaps: 26

    Author: Morino Mei

    Latest chap: Chap 016

    Last update: 11 months ago

    Satoshi, a 16-year-old first year high school student just got a part time job as a housekeeper for a mansion...

  • My Fair Neighbor

    My Fair Neighbor

    Total chaps: 10

    Author: Morino Mei

    Latest chap: Vol 1 Chap 3 : Autumn

    Last update: 2 years ago

    From Phoenix Serenade Scans: Sakura Yuki and his neighbor, Momo were separated during Yuki’s third year of high school...

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