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Aoi Yuna

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  • Suna no Rasen Manga

    Suna no Rasen Manga

    Total chaps: 6

    Author: Aoi Yuna

    Latest chap: Vol 1 Chap 6

    Last update: a month ago

    Haruka is in love with his best-friend Ryou who marries his sister. The day of the marriage he drinks too much and ends...

  • Mezame no Mori

    Mezame no Mori

    Total chaps: 10

    Author: Aoi Yuna

    Latest chap: Chap 005

    Last update: a year ago

    From Fantasyshrine: Yoshimori, a rookie editor, first met the wheel-chaired writer, Orito, and his brother, Masato, at...

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